Border guards replaced with cameras

Remote controlled video-cams record all trafic into Finland from Norway.

Remote controlled video cameras are now monitoring all vehicles crossing in and out at Finland’s northernmost border crossing point.


Until this summer, the border crossing point at Näätämö was manned with personnel from Lapland border guard district. Now the border crossing point is no longer manned. Anyhow, all cars and trucks crossing into Finland from neighbouring Norway are recorded by the video-cams placed just some few metres after the physical borderline. The cams are remote controlled from the border guard station in Ivalo.  

The closure of Finland’s northernmost border station comes as a result of the past few years reorganisation of the functions and structure of the Border Guard in response to the changes in the immediate surroundings.

Finland has a 736 kilometre long border to Norway in the north and northwest. Since this is an internal border between two Schengen countries the border can be crossed anywhere, provided that you are not carrying goods that are subject to customs declaration.

Norway and Finland share the customs station at the border near Näätämö.

Finland has 2950 border guards and 235 dogs in service, according to the website of the Finnish Border Guard.