Russia softens food embargo

Without import of smolt Russian fish farming would have faced its end within 18 months, the industry says.

Russia’s Government on Wednesday published corrections to the list over foodstuffs that are illegal to import to Russia.


The list includes smolt of salmon and trout, lactose-free milk and milk products, food supplements, seed potatoes, set onions, sweet corn for sowing and peas for sowing. Also vitamin and mineral supplements, flavor additives and protein concentrates of animal and vegetable origins are excluded from the ban, Forbes reports.

The decree, which was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, clearly states that smolt of salmon and trout is excluded from the ban. The Russian Fish Union last week warned that Russia will have slaughtered its last farmed salmon by 2016 if the import of smolt from Norway is not resumed. Russia does not have any smolt production of its own yet.

Russian vegetable producers have also asked that seed potatoes should be taken out of the list over banned products. The largest supplier of seed potatoes is Netherlands, who has sold 10,200 tons to Russia so far this year. Russia produces only 10-15 percent of the needed amount of seed potatoes.

Russia on August 7 introduced a one-year ban on the import of a long list of food and food products originating from the US, EU, Canada, Australia and Norway as an aswer to Western sanctions. The list of banned goods is set out in the Presidential Decree dated 6 August 2014 “On special economic measures aimed at national security of the Russian Federation”.