Norwegian concrete to Yamal gas field

Production of concrete elements in Murmansk for Yamal LNG.

Norwegian concrete producer Ølen Betong in Murmansk has to expand production due to huge orders from Yamal LNG.


Ølen Betong and Yamal LNG in July 2014 concluded an agreement on delivery of 3-4000 concrete elements to the huge gas field development in the Russian Arctic. The 30-35 tons heavy elements will be used as fundaments for buildings and installations on the Siberian tundra.

The first shipment left for the port of Sabetta in November, and by year’s end Ølen Betong had produced 20 percent of the original order.

The order from Yamal LNG has later been increased so much that the plant has had to expand production facilities to keep up speed. A new 2250 square meter large production hall that was ready for production in December, has now been expanded with another 750 square meters, making the plant able to handle large concrete elements of up to 55 tons, the company’s web site reads.

Some 120 people at the plant in Murmansk are involved in the order for Yamal LNG. So far, the plant has produced more than 1000 concrete elements of 30-55 tons.

The Yamal LNG plant will be built based on the resources of the South Tambey gas condensate project, a field which holds about 1,25 trillion cubic meters of gas.  The Yamal LNG project is developed by the JSC Yamal LNG, a joint venture of Novatek (60%), Total (20%) and CNPC (20%). The project includes a large LNG plant, capable of producing 16.5 million tons of LNG per year, and the Sabetta port, a joint initiative of the Novatek company and Russian federal authorities. The port will be one of the biggest in the Russian Arctic, and a key component in the development of the gas-rich Yamal Peninsula. Linked with the South Tambey field and the LNG plant, the port will be built to handle more than 30 million tons of goods per year.