Swedish ore production record in 2014

LKAB miners in Kiruna.

Swedish ore production reached an all-time high in 2014. Base metals and precious metals increased most, while iron ore production remained at the same level as the year before.


Although much has been written about the mining crisis in Sweden last year, 2014 was the most productive year for Swedish ore production, web site Affärer i Norr reports, citing the Geological Survey of Sweden.

Ore production reached an all-time high for the fifth consecutive year with a total production of approximately 81 million tons.

Production of base metals and precious metals accounted for the increase, while production of iron ore remained on the same level as in 2013.

Sweden produced a total of 383 tons of silver in 2014 up 12 percent from the year before and – the highest amount ever to be extracted in one year. Production of zinc increased 26 percent to 222.000 tons, the largest amount since 1988.

An important reason for the increased metal production is a new concentrator at Boliden’s mine in Garpenberg, a mine that was opened in the 1200s and is the oldest industrial operation in Sweden.