Winners of the Advent Calendar

Here you find all the 24 winners of the BarentsObserver Advent Quiz 2014. New questions online next December.


Winners of BarentsObserver’s Advent Quiz:

1st: Peder Roberts, Stockholm, Sweden
2nd: Amund Trellevik, Kirkenes, Norway
3rd: Margrethe Moen, Bergen, Norway
4th: Igor Nikishchenko, Murmansk, Russia
5th: Galina Majorskih, Kristiansand, Norway
6th: Eva Fiskebeck, Vadsø, Norway
7th: Irina Zhilina, Rovaniemi, Finland
8th: Anastasia Sazhenova, Arkhangelsk, Russia
9th: Sven Suup, Haparanda, Sweden
10th: Georgi Mikael Sabeff, Espoo, Finland
11th: Vasilina Dostavalova, Arkhangelsk, Russia
12th: Janne Sjøkvist, Sandnes, Norway
13th: Alexey Sazhenov, Arkhangelsk, Russia
14th: Thomas Engelskjøn, Tromsø, Norway
15th: Viktoria Tsehmestrenko, Arkhangelsk, Russia
16th: Adelheid Westerholt, Luebbecke, Germany
17th: Christian Hirn, Graz, Austria
18th: Jouko Seipäjärvi, Kemi, Finland
19th: Dag Bergheim, Tromsø, Norway
20th: Valentina Dostavalova, Tojma, Russia
21st: Nadezhda Filimonova, St. Petersburg, Russia
22nd: Anna Petrova, Arkhangelsk, Russia
23rd: Frank Strand, Bodø, Norway
24th: Denis Dmitriev, Arkhangelsk, Russia

We congratulate all the winners and everyone participating in our great Advent Quiz about the Barents Region. Next December, we will be online again with new questions and you are of course most welcome to join. Meanwhile, take care, have a great Christmas and New Year holiday, and remember to stay updated with BarentsObserver in 2015!

Thomas Nilsen
Quiz Master and Editor