Skrugard-Havis fields renamed

Oil will be transported through a 280-kilometre pipeline from the Johan Castberg filed to shore in Finnmark. (Ill. Statoil)

Norway’s oil minister has decided to rename Statoil’s Skrugard and Havis discoveries in the Barents Sea to the Johan Castberg field.


Johan Castberg, who served as a parliament member for the then Labour Democrats in the early 20th century, played a key role in developing the concession law for development of hydropower that formed the basis for exploitation of the country’s natural resources. He was also instrumental in forging legislation that laid the foundation for Norway’s renowned welfare system.

The announcement was made by Minister of Petroleum and Oil Ola Borten Moe during the opening of the Barents Sea Conference in Hammerfest on Monday, Finnmark Dagblad reports.

The move is in line with Borten Moe’s policy of naming the country’s offshore fields after national figures of political, cultural and social significance. Last year the Luva field outside Northern Norway was renamed after Norwegian painter, writer and early feminist Aasta Hansteen.

The twin discoveries formerly known as Skrugard and Havis are located in the Barents Sea, about 100 km north of the Snøhvit field, 150 km from the Goliat field and nearly 240 km from Melkøya LNG plant outside Hammerfest. The water depth is 360-390 metres. 

Estimates show that the field contains some 400-600 million barrels of recoverable oil.