Arctic expert enters Rosneft board

Artur Chilingarov brings Arctic know-how into Rosneft's board of directors.

The Russian Presidential Aide on Arctic and Antarctic affairs Artur Chilingarov enters Rosneft’s board.


The famous Polar researcher, who amongst many other things is known for planting the Russian flag on the sea bottom on the North Pole in 2007, will most probably be elected member of the board when Rosneft holds its annual general meeting next week, Vedmosti writes.

Chilingarov will keep his position as special aide to the president, but will resign from his post as senator of Tula Oblast. Chilingarov has been member of the Federation Council from Tula since November 2011.

Rosneft has huge plans drilling in the Arctic. The company owns licenses in the Barents Sea, Kara Sea and Pechora Sea.

Chilingarov was added to the list of candidates after Morgan Stanley’s ex-CEO John Mack left the board in the end of May. According to Chilingarov himself, it was Rosneft’s President Igor Sechin who invited him to the board.