Drilling ongoing at Prirazlomnoye

We will follow up all our offshore Arctic licenses in line with the license requirements, Andrey Patrushev underlines.

Another well will be completed by the end of June, Gazprom Neft Director for offshore projects Andrey Patrushev says.


“Exploration drilling is ongoing at the field, it will be completed in June”, Patrushev said on Friday at the St Petersburg Economic Forum. Several more wells will be drilled in the course of the year, he added in his speech availble on the forum website.

The Prirazlomnoye field is Russia’s first and only offshore Arctic oil project. It is now headed by Andrey Patrushev, Gazprom Neft’s new director for offshore projects.

As previously reported, a total of 300,000 tons of oil was reported to have been produced at the Prirazlomnoye in 2014. The company intends to drill a total of four new wells in the area in the course of 2015.

“Production is ongoing and it is progressing pretty successfully”, Patrushev said in a session devoted to Russian Arctic developments. “Despite the difficult macroeconomic conditions, the project is working efficiently”, he argued, adding that projected production peek of 5,5 million tons per year will be reached from about year 2020.

Patrushev also stressed that Gazprom Neft will fully follow up its Arctic license portefolio in compliance with the license obligations.

Gazprom Neft has developed a shelf strategy which includes a series of geological explorational efforts in 2016. In that process, the company will most likely have to team up with partners. According to Patrushev, Gazprom Neft “has always been open for partnerships, both with foreign and Russian companies”. However, he stresses,  “we are not in a deficit of possible partners”