Joint US-Russian climate change mission to the Arctic

"Akademik Fedorov" belongs to the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Photo:

Scientists from Russia’s Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA) will conduct a joint research mission to the Arctic this summer.


The mission, which main objective is to study changes in currents, will take place on the Russian research vessel “Akademik Fedorov”. The scientists will place out buoy stations that will submerged under the ice. Changes in oceanic currents are believed to the source of serious climate changes.

According to Head of the Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Agency Aleksander Frolov, the low level of Arctic ice that we now are witnessing is connected with changes of the circulation and increased speed of currents.

 “There are scientific scenarios of rapid climate change in the Northern Atlantic. One of the possibilities is that the Golf Stream will stop flowing into the Arctic and become a closed circle, which will lead to serious climate change in Europe”, Frolov says according to RIA Novosti.