”Kursk” sail put in place

Kursk sail (Photo:

The sail (tower) from the nuclear powered submarine ”Kursk” has been placed outside the church “Our Saviour on the Water” in Murmansk, where a memorial over sailors who have died in peace time will be raised.


The sail was put in place earlier this week, TV channel Tsentr reports. The unveiling ceremony is planned to take place on Russian Navy’s Day, which is celebrated on the last Sunday of July.

The Northern Fleet submarine “Kursk” sank with 118 sailors in the Barents Sea in 2000. As BarentsObserver reported, in March the sail was found rusting at a scrap metal ground in Murmansk. The discovery created much indignation amongst Russians, and Murmansk Oblast Governor Dmitry Dmitriyenko said he would take personal responsibility for raising of a monument over the sailors on “Kursk”.

Watch video from the installation here