Ministry of Transport supports plans for Murmansk Transport Hub

Ministry of Transport

The Russian Ministry of Transport confirms that development of the Murmansk Transport Hub has high priority in the plans for upgrading of the Russian transport system.


Murmansk Oblast Governor Dmitry Dmitriyenko yesterday participated in a meeting at the Ministry of Transport where the main issue for discussions was ways to fight the financial crisis in the transport sector, web site reports.

As BarentsObserver reported, Dmitriyenko has earlier claimed that The Murmansk Transport Hub is going to be a grand investment project on federal level, perhaps only comparable to the Olympic Games in Sochi. 66 billion RUB will be allocated to the project over the Federal Budget.

Murmansk port will become a northern Russian hub for container shipping, oil reloading and coal and fertilizers terminals, and will be integrated in the International North-South Transport Corridor.