No Russian militarization in Arctic


Russia does not intend to build Arctic military bases or establish an Arctic military district. We are not talking about a Russian militarization of the Arctic, a representative of the Russian Security Council says.


As BarentsObserver reported last week, a new strategy called “Principles for Russian politics in the Arctic in the period to 2020 and in a further perspective” outlines an enhanced military presence in the Arctic.

However, these principles do not include a militarization of the region, a representative of the Security Council underlines to Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

The document , which recently was discretely published on the Security Council’s website, reads that only general-purpose military forces should be kept in the region.

As highlighted by the Security Council representative, the document rather emphasizes the development of Arctic border infrastructure and places the FSB in the main position. The document underlines the need for the “optimization of the control system for the Arctic”. It also highlights the importance of international cooperation, peace and environment, reports.

Natural resource development is central in the paper, which highlights the need for documentation of Russia’s right over the disputed Lomonosov Ridge. A number of studies are to be conducted in the area by 2010. Those studies will be vital in the country’s bid for the ridge areas.

Read the whole document here