Arkhangelsk turns to gas

New gas coming (

The strained economic situation might make authorities in Arkhangelsk speed up the planned transformation of the regional heating system from use of heavy oil to gas.


The use of gas instead of heavy oil will help city authorities save money. A proposal on the transformation of the Arkhangelsk Thermal Power Plant from use of heavy oil to gas was presented in this week’s regional anti-crisis meeting by head of the Arkhangelsk city Economy Department Aleksandr Leontiev, reports with reference to Regnum.

In addition, the city authorities will invest another 27 million RUB on the development of the local gas distribution grid. The investments are made as part of a 537 million RUB three-year programme on the laying of city gas pipelines.

The measure comes as members of the regional parliament announce major budget cuts. As BarentsObserver reported, regional authorities might in 2009 have to reduce budget spending with as much as 30-40 percent.

Meanwhile, the power supply situation in Arkhangelsk is about to radically change. Gazprom has over the last years invested major sums in the development of gas pipelines to the region and is soon completing the laying of the Nyuksenitsa-Arkhangelsk pipeline. That will enable both households and industry to turn towards the cheaper and more environmentally friendly natural gas.

The 642 km long Nyuksenitsa-Arkhangelsk pipeline has been under construction since 1988 is projected to have an annual capacity of 2,5 billion cubic meters by 2010 and later 3,3 billion cubic meters. The cities of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk are to be fully attached with the new pipeline in the course of 2009.