Nordic cooperation vital in Norwegian High North

Heidi Grande Røys (

Heidi Grande Røys, the Norwegian minister of Nordic affairs, underlines that cooperation with the Nordic countries constitutes a vital part of Norway’s High North policy. This year, especially Sweden will be of importance.


Minister of Government Administration and Reform, Heidi Grande Røys, says in an interview with BarentsObserver that the Nordic countries are key components in Norway’s increasing focus on the High North. Ms. Røys is also responsible for Nordic affairs in the cabinet of PM Jens Stoltenberg.

-We first have to join efforts with our Nordic neighbors before we turn towards for example the USA or China, she underlines, adding that the Norwegian government’s High North policy both has a strong global and regional dimension.

She also confirms that non-EU member Norway is working actively to draw the attention of the EU towards the High North and that Norway will actively work with Swedish authorities during the latter’s upcoming chairmanship period in the EU council.

Especially Sweden is likely to be of major importance for Norway this year.

Ms. Røys admits that she is “delighted” about Swedish foreign ministry official Per Wallèn’s proposal to include Barents perspectives in the focus of the Swedish EU chairmanship.

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