Gazprom invited to the U.S. shelf

Gazprom and the USA

Russian energy giant Gazprom has been invitated to start geological prospecting on the Alaskan shelf, Gazprom board chairman Alexei Miller said in a TV interview


In an interview with state channel Rossiya, Mr. Miller said that a new round of talks with U.S. authorities is to be held, after which it is to be decided which blocks to be offered to the company.

The invitation to the U.S. shelf was made during Mr. Miller’s visit to Alaska this October.

The company leader confirmed that Gazprom is likely to be offered operation on the Alaskan shelf, including blocks in the Chukchi Sea.

-We have accumulated very rich experience both of production and construction of gas pipelines, creation of transport and social infrastructure over several decades of work under conditions of Russia’s North, Miller said. -Alaska has very similar conditions with our work in the Russian North, he added.

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