Norilsk Nickel boosts capacity in Zapolyarny

Opening of new mining complex (

Kolskaya GMK, regional subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel in the Kola Peninsula, has completed the second development phase of its Severny Glubokii (“Northern Deep”) mine in Zapolyary, close to the Norwegian border.


The construction of the mine is one of the largest investment projects the last years in Russia, MBNews reports. The Severny Globokii project marks the shift from open pit production to underground extraction. Until now, the Kolskaya GMK has been dependent on open pit production from the huge Tsentralny mine. A ceremony marking the opening of the mining complex took place in Zapolyarny on June 6, 2008. -We are certain that our plans are absolutely realistic, director of the mine, Mr. Oleg Tokorev commented. -The mine has been in full production some days now, he adds. He maintains that the last days of production have shown that there will not be any problems with transporting the ore to the surface. The next step in the development of the mine will the opening of a third launch complex, which will allow for expansion of the productivity to five million tons of ore a year. The anticipated accomplishment of the production is in 2010. Then the annual production capacity will amount to six million tons of ore