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Anja Kristine Salo


Content by Anja Kristine Salo

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee is deeply concerned with the increasing usage of methods of punitive psychiatry in Russia.

Students from Northwest-Russia spent two months on the Arctic archipelago Franz Josef Land, clearing away barrels and scrap metal from the Cold War era.

During the famous TV show “Special Correspondent” on Rossia 1, minors in Murmansk were pictured without permission.

Putin calls political science professor Sergei Medvedev a “moron” after he claimed that the Arctic territory should be under international protection.

Sámi villages in Sweden, together with the Sámi Council, are appealing the UN Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination in order to stop the Swedish government`s extraction plans on Sámi territory.

These two sparring partners proved that not only boys could be wrestling champions.

The new President of the Norwegian Sámi Parliament, Aili Keskitalo (44), promises that cooperation with indigenous peoples in Russia will be a top priority.

Can ethical guidelines reduce conflicts between indigenous peoples and extractive industries?

Thanks to Swedish and Finnish grants, the Working Group of Indigenous Peoples is up and running again after halting its activities for almost four months.

Twenty years after Russia legalized homosexuality, legislators have proposed a new bill that could lead to gay couples losing custody of their children.