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Anja Kristine Salo


Content by Anja Kristine Salo

The most appropriate place to meet indigenous peoples from all over the world is at the festival Riddu Riđđu in Northern Norway.

KAUTOKEINO: Even though the Kildin Sámi language is at risk of dying out, the culture and traditions can be saved through music.

KARASJOK: Up and coming indigenous designers presented their newest collections at the spectacular show.

KIRKENES: See what Barents Russians think about the ruble’s depriciation and how it will affect their shopping opportunities in Norway.

LOVOZERO: The annual “Reindeer herder’s day” in the Sámi village on the Kola Peninsula celebrated its 80th anniversary this weekend.

Cheese maker Øverli has a busy December, wrapping gifts packages for picky Barents citizens.

With a music app, the Barents based start-up MuApps will conquer a share of the second fastest growing app-market in the world.

LUJÁVRI: Sámi ensemble travelled for hours on snowmobiles in order to sing and dance with reindeer herders on the Kola Peninsula.

This morning police and FSB agents searched the bloggers apartment, looking for evidence that could prove his extremist motives.

Murmansk youth took to the streets protesting xenophobia, intolerance and militant nationalism.