Sápmi's hottest fashion

KARASJOK: Up and coming indigenous designers presented their newest collections at the spectacular show.


It was the famous Sámi stylist Erlend Elias Bragstad who guided the audience through the show.

Here is some information about the designers who presented their collections at the show in the Sámi village Karasjok in northern Norway: 

Graveniid is a family business based in Alta and Karasjok. The designers are inspired by the treasures from the Sámi culture. The spring Collection is inspired by woven Sámi belts. According to the designers this is an attempt to merge the traditional with a unique and modern touch.   

Siv Utsi presented her latest silver collection “a touch of Sami silver”.  She has made jewelry to celebrities such as Princess Charlene of Monaco and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway.    

Anne Fenger is a designer based in Lakselv, Norway. Her specialty is clothes made out of sealskin from Greenland. “People shouldn`t be ashamed of wearing sealskin. It is a sustainable product produced by the local Inuit”, Fenger said from the stage. 

Abanti design (Anne Berit Anti) and Erlend Elias brought the public debate out on the catwalk with T-shirts with slogans such as “We came first”, “Sámi and homosexual” and “Do you mine?”. Sámi traditions, stories and political challenges are Anti`s most important sources of inspiration.  Her main goal is to present Sápmi to the western fashion world.