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Company Russian Sea Aquaculture might have dumped up to 2000 tons of dead salmon in landfills outside Murmansk, but still gets words of support from the regional government.

Two military research vessels are taking a closer look at Russia’s northernmost underwater geology.

We will start exploring the Arctic waters in 2019, the company says.

The former Barents Secretariat leader wins local elections in Kirkenes with landslide.

We have been put on the foreign agent list because of the authorities’s dislike of sexual minorities, the Rakurs LGBT group says.

Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov secures clear election victory amid record-low voter turnout.

Cage nets dimensioned for 80 thousand fish are filled with 200 thousand, people close to the Murmansk aquaculture industry say.

State company Rosneft spends more than 120 million rubles on studies of the Russian polar bear.

Two new wind farms will make northern Norway the biggest wind power producer in the Arctic.

Company Russian Aquaculture is suspected of having caused a major regional salmon infection and for massive dumping of distorted fish.