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M.Sc. student Anniken Mentzoni launches a controlled meteorological balloon as part of her field work in Svalbard. Photo credit:

They look like flying robotic jellyfish that can function at temperatures well below zero.

The Polar Pioneer, a mobile oil rig, anchored in the port of Tromsø

Arild Hausberg says the Polar Pioneer, a mobile oil rig owned by Transocean currently anchored in Tromsø, is a symbol of things to come.

Many people grow up with a dream home in mind, a home to raise a family in, a home fit for the perfect life. Zhenya Goman’s dream home takes shape as a dilapidated hovel in the suburbs of Murmansk.

BR Electronics clears space in its workshop for new equipment

Murmansk’s BR Electronics will grow by around 10 employees by the time it begins production next month for a recently awarded contract to provide lighting for aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

Denmark handed over its chairmanship role in the Arctic Council to Sweden on Thursday during the biennial ministerial meeting in Nuuk, Greenland.

Researchers in Alaska, Siberia and Greenland can now look to the Polar Geospatial Center to find their way around.

young journalists

The Barents Region may as well be a wasteland to young journalists.

Arctic Ice Melting

The Arctic is changing faster and contributing more to global climate change than scientists had previously predicted.

Reindeer herder in Nenets

The Inuit Circumpolar Council is expected to unveil a declaration next week calling for responsible mining and petroleum development in the Arctic while taking a firm stance against uranium mining.