More foreign science on Svalbard


Both German and French scientists say they want to build new science stations for increased activity in the science community Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard.


Also Japanese researchers say they may build a new science station in Ny-Ålesund to replace the building they currently rent, reports Svalbardposten.

Situated at 78’ 55’ N, 11’ 56’ E in the core of a vast Arctic wilderness with exquisite surroundings, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, has since the mid sixties formed a sprawling research community. The site comprises stations from ten nations from around the world, and activities have been increasing rapidly the last few years.

Svalbardposten writes that the Korean scientists in Ny-Ålesund want to expand their research-station. Today the Koreans and the French are sharing a building.

Russian research institutions have signalized that they want to build their own research station in Ny-Ålesund, but the negotiations between the Russians and the Kings Bay company in Ny-Ålesund was halted when Kings Bay said that they will not allow Russian helicopters to be used for transportation of scientist to the base.

Kings Bay AS is the owner of the village and the surrounding areas, and provides infrastructure and services for visiting scientists.