From Pomor 2010 to naval drill with NATO vessels

The Russian Northern fleet destroyer “Severomorsk” will participate in an exercise with NATO warships in July.


This week, “Severomorsk” participates in the joint Norwegian – Russian naval exercise Pomor 2010. Severomorsk has practiced firing live artillery together with the Norwegian frigate “KNM Otto Sverdrup” in the waters west of Norway. Thursday and Friday, the vessels make naval drills in the Barents Sea.

The Norwegain – Russian Pomor 2010 exercise ends on Saturday in the Northern fleet’s main base Severomorsk, just north of Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula.

The “Severomorsk” destroyer will then sail towards the Atlantic to participate in the international naval drill FRUKUS-2010, reports RIA Novosti. This is an annual exercise involving vessels from France, United Kingdom, United States and Russia. Also last year, it was “Severomorsk” that participated in the FRUKUS drill.

FRUKUS 2010 starts on July 22nd.