Komi Governor eyes reappointment

Vladimir Torlopov (

Long-serving Vladimir Torlopov is on President Dmitry Medvedev’s list of candidates for governor in the Komi Republic. That makes it likely that the regional leader is given green light for another term.


According to a press release from the President’s office, Vladimir Torlopov is one of three proposed candidates for the leading position in the Komi Republic. The other candidates are current Komi Deputy Governor Vyacheslav Gaizer and the region’s representative in the Federation Council, Igor Vasiliev. Since 2004, the Russian governors have been appointed by the president. New regulations adopted this year give the leading party in the country a key role in the nomination of candidates. The president chooses his preferred candidate, which then has to be approved by the regional parliament. Vladimir Torlopov has been regional leader in the Komi Republic since 2002. Before that, he was chairman of the Komi regional parliament.