Want regional participation in Presidential visit

-We hope for regional participation when Russian President Dmitiri Medvedev goes to Norway later this spring, says Murmansk regional Duma Yevgeny Nikora.


Yevgeny Nikora met with the Norwegian Foreign Ministery’s State Secretary Erik Lahnstein and a delegation of Russian regional journalists at the Norwegian Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes on Thursday.

-The date and the programme for the Presidental visit to Norway is not yet set, but we have expressed our wish to be part of the delegation, Mr. Nikora told BarentsObserver.

If coming, it will be Dmitri Medvedev’s first visit to Oslo. Last official presidential visit to Norway was in November 2002, when Vladimir Putin visited Oslo.

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Following up on Yevgeny Nikora’s initiative, State Secretary Erik Lahnstein said:

-We truly appreciate Nikora’s initiative to bring in regional participation, also from Norway, into the delegations to take part if Medvedev comes to Norway.

Lahnstein also underlined that a program for a possible Presidental visit is still not verified.