Russian anti-aircraft missile training in Barents Sea

The S-300 (Photo: Wikipedia)

The Russian Air Force is together with Air Defence units preparing a shooting exercise with the S-300 anti-Aircraft missile system from the island of Kildin in the Barents Sea.


According to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defence, the missiles are now being moved from their permanent base in settlement of Severny to the island of Kildin, located in the Barents Sea to the north of Murmansk City.

It is the the Navy vessel “Aleksandr Otrakovsky”, which will transport the missile system from the mainland to the island, RIA Novosti reports.

Press spokesman Vladimir Drik does not want to reveal when exactly the training will take place. He says however that the S-300 division will engage in shooting at a number of different targets.

The S-300 system is a series of Russian long range surface-to-air missile systems developed to defend against aircrafts and cruise missiles. In NATO terminology the missiles are named SA-10 Grumble, SA-12 Giant/Gladiator and SA-20 Gargoyle.

The S-300 is regarded as one of the most potent anti-aircraft missile systems currently fielded. According to Wikipedia, its radars have the ability to simultaneously track up to 100 targets while engaging up to 12. S-300 deployment time is five minutes.


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