Operations Center opened at NATO’s first HQ above Arctic Circle

H.M. King Harald and Lieutenant General Bernt Iver Ferdinand Brovold at the opening of the Operational Command Head Quarters Aug

The hi-tech Operations Center at Norway’s new Operational Command Head Quarters was yesterday opened by H.M. King Harald. Norway is the first NATO country to move its military leadership to the Arctic.


- This Operations Center is unique in the world, said H.M. King Harald after opening the center, located about one kilometer inside the mountain at Reitan outside Bodø, North Norway, NRK reports.

The center contains the most modern technology, making the military commanders able to plan and lead operations in different parts of the world simultaneously. The center contains amongst other things Norway’s largest flat screen, covering nearly 40 square meters.

Chief of the Operational Command Head Quarters Lieutenant General Bernt Iver Ferdinand Brovold calls the opening a milestone in the renewal process of Norway’s Operational Command. The Head Quarters at Reitan were opened on August 1 2009. Earlier the operational command was located in Stavanger in the southern part of Norway.

The move is in line with the Government’s increased focus on the northern regions. With the new location above the Arctic Circle, Norway’s supreme operational command will get first hand contact with all questions concerning the High North. A deeper understanding of stakeholders, activities and development trends in the High North is a key to success when it comes to protecting national interests in the region.

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Some 100 persons will be connected to the new central. Altogether there are about 270 persons working at the Operational Command Head Quarters.

Commander of Russia’s Northern Fleet Vice Admiral Nikolay Maksimov visited Reitan in October 2009.

Watch video from the opening of the Operations Center at NRK