Update: Large air force drill in the Barents Region

Swedish JAS 39 Gripen air fighter.

More than 100 planes from eight countries will take part in the Arctic Challenge Exercise that takes place in the skies of the Barents Region in May.


UPDATE: BarentsObserver yesterday published an article called “Northern Sweden to host world’s largest air force drill”. We have been made aware that the source we used was a bit inaccurate. According to press spokesman for the Norwegian Air Force Stian Roen, Bodø in Northern Norway will be the main base for the exercise, not Luleå in Sweden. “There will be around 100 planes taking part in the exercise, distributed among Norway, Sweden and Finland.” The exercise is till under planning, and a web site with more information should soon be up and running, Roen says.

Original article from Tuesday 4:

The Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE-15) will start on May 25 and last for two weeks. The exercise is a follow-up of ACE 13, an exercise two years ago where 80 jet fighters from Bodø and Ørland in Norway, Rovaniemi in Finland and Luleå trained together with pilots from UK and US Air Forces.

“The exercise is part of the Nordic military cooperation and is organized by Sweden together with Finland and Norway, and it is planned to take place every second year,” press spokesperson Louise Levin at the Norrbotten Air Force Wing F 21 says to Norrbottens Kuriren.

A total of 115 planes will take part in the drill. I addition to Norway, Sweden and Finland, also planes from United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, France and Germany will participate, Levin says.

If it is the world’s largest air exercise, is a question of definition. At least it will be the largest air drill within the same training ground, Kuriren writes. The area of exercise will be nearly all of Västerbotten and Norrbotten in Sweden, as well as parts of Northern Finland and Northern Norway. Luleå, Bodø and Rovaniemi will be the main bases.