New head of Norway´s Joint Headquarters

Major General Rune Jakobsen.

Major General Rune Jakobsen takes over as commander of the Norwegian Head Quarters.


Jakobsen was appointed as the new commander on September 4 by the Norwegian Government. He was at the same time appointed Lieutenant General. He succeeds Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde, who takes over as Director for the Norwegian Intelligence Service in 2016. 

The Ministry of Defence decides when Jakobsen takes over as commander.

Since 2013, Rune Jakobsen has served as Inspector General for the Army.  Before that he was Chief of Operations at the Norwegian Joint Headquarters.​ He has also been commanding officer for the Telemark Battalion, Chief of the Army Staff, National Contingent Commander in Afghanistan and Chief of Staff in the Norwegian Defence Staff, the Norwegian Armed Forces´web site reads.