New stealth frigate ready for the Arctic

"Admiral Gorshkov" is the first naval surface vessel since 1987 that is fully projected and built in Russia. (Photo: Naval Today)

Russia’s first stealth technology frigate «Admiral Gorshkov» is ready for sea trials in the Barents Sea before entering service in the Northern Fleet.


Russia is building a fleet of new frigates to replace the country’s old Udaloy-class destroyers. According to navy officials, Russia needs 20-30 frigates. The first four vessels are under different stages of completion.

The head vessel in the series (project 22350) “Admiral Gorshkov” was laid down at Severnaya shipyard in St. Petersburg in 2006 and launched in November 2010. It will start sea trials in the Barents Sea no later than the end of November, Flotprom writes. The vessel will enter service in the Northern Fleet. 

The frigate next in line for completion, “Admiral Kasatonov”, was laid down in November 2009. This vessel will probably be put into service in the Pacific Fleet in 2014. The third vessel in the series, “Admiral Golovko”, was laid down in February 2012 and will be delivered to the Northern Fleet after completion. 

“Admiral Gorshkov” will be able to execute long-range strike, anti-submarine and escort missions in remote areas. She has a displacement of 4,500 tons, a speed of 29 knots, a range of 4000 nm at 14 knots, and endurance of 15 days.