Northern Fleet helicopter in trouble

Nuclear battle cruiser "Pyotr Veliky" is currently on a mission in the Kara Sea. Photo: Wikipedia

An emergency situation appeared during a flight mission from the Northern Fleet’s nuclear cruiser “Pyotr Veliky”.


According to media reports, the military helicopter crashed on an island in the Kara Sea. The helicopter has its base on the “Pyotr Veliky”, the Northern Fleet’s only nuclear-powered battle cruiser.

Navy representatives say that there are no casualties and that the incident should rather be considered a “hard landing”, RIA Novosti reports. However, the Navy has chosen to temporary halt all flights from the “Pyotr Veliky”, Interfax writes.

As previously reported, the battle cruiser, Russia’s only operating nuclear powered vessel of the kind, on 12 September left Severomorsk and sets sail for the Kara Sea. The giant warship will be on a combat training mission. The training will take place in the Kara Sea in the busiest season for commercial shipping along the Northern Sea Route.

A part of the training has been missile defense drills, RIA Novosti reports.