Norway, US and Russia prepare joint naval drills

Russia will participate in Northern Eagle 2012 with the destroyer "Admiral Chabanenko". Photo: Trude Pettersen

Vessels and aircraft from the three countries will train together in the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea in August.


Only a week after the Norwegian-Russian naval exercise POMOR-2012 are finished, Norwegian and Russian naval officers have joined with US colleagues in Murmansk to discuss preparations to the “Northern Eagle 2012” naval exercises, that will take place in northern waters later this summer. 

The exercise will start from Bodø in Northern Norway on August 18. The Russian side will participate in the exercises with the same vessel as in POMOR-2012, the destroyer “Admiral Chabanenko”. Norway will have the frigate “Nordkapp” and the US navy will come with a destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class.

The exercises will also include use of Russian Su-33 jet fighters and Ka-27 helicopters, American Sea Hawk helicopters and Norwegian F-16 jet fighters and Orion surveillance planes, the Russian Defense Ministry’s web site reads.

Northern Eagle 2012 will focus on maneuvering and communication, anti-aircraft defense, anti-piracy measures, search and rescue and rescue of vessels in distress.

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