No charge for high treason

Ivan Moseev is head of the Pomor movement in Arkhangelsk. Photo: Andrey Shalyov/BarentsObserver

The first court hearing in the case against Pomor society leader Ivan Moseev took place in Arkhangelsk today. Moseev is charged for incitement of ethnic hatred – his international activities and cooperation with Norway was not mentioned.


As BarentsObserver reported, Moseev was accused by the Federal Security Service FSB for cooperating with Norwegian secret services to destabilize the social-political situation in Arkhangelsk and for 

In the court hearings today neither Norway nor any sort of international cooperation that Moseev and his Pomor organization have been involved in, was mentioned. Moseev was only accused on the article 282 in the penal code: incitement of ethnic hatred.

The background for the charge is a comment the FSB believes Moseev placed in ”Ekho Russkogo Severa” in April this year, where Russians were called “scum”. The editor of the web site found out that this comment had been sent from Moseev’s ip-adress and told the FSB about this. Moseev denies having posted this comment and claims that his computer was turned off at the moment when the comment had been posted.

“Not guilty”
“I don’t admit any guilt”, Moseev said during the court hearing. “I didn’t have and I don’t have now any intention or aim to excite hatred towards the ethnic group “Russians” as well as towards any other ethnic group. I devote my work to entirely opposite affairs. I try to bring people and nations together.”

“My professional and social activities are aimed at establishing peaceful and tolerant relations between different nationalities. The indictment is made upon an unclear and vague phrase which hasn’t even been announced in the indictment, and if it had been announced everybody would understand the absurdity of it because the word “Russians” isn’t even in this phrase, so there isn’t any focus on anyone. I think this is complete nonsense. I absolutely deny any guilt and I consider that there can only be the verdict of not guilty” 

Outside the court a small group of Russian patriots had gathered, carrying slogans calling Pomors traitors of Russian national interests and separatists.


“Is Arkhangelsk Oblast the big sovereign Russian North or Norway’s Pomor colony?” “Say NO to Pomor fairytales with Norwegian arrangement!” (Photo: Andrey Shalyov)

The next hearing in the case will be held on December 6.

BarentsObserver will be back with more information on the Moseev-case.