Head of Slavic Union supports Moseev in court

Ivan Moseev (left) stands on trail for inciting hatred and hostility towards the ethnic group “Russians.” Photo: Andrey Shalyov

“I am surprised that such a show trail is taking place now,” said Pyotr Kirpita, head of the Union of Slavic Peoples when giving testimony in the ongoing trail in Arkhangelsk against Ivan Moseev who is accused by FSB of inciting hatred towards Russians.


“As a Russian and as head of the Centre of Russian Culture I see nothing that could incite hatred in the words that were analysed in court today. There is no incitement to hostility there,” Pyotr Kirpita said. A summary of the testimonies given in court is posted on the portal Rights in Russia.

Ivan Moseev is charged under Article 282 of the Criminal Code, for inciting hatred and hostility towards the ethnic group “Russians.” 

The indictment reads that Moseev placed an internet comment in “Ekho Russkogo Severa” in April last year, where Russians were called “Scum.” The editor of the web site found that this comment had been sent from Moseev’s IP-address and informed FSB about this.

Ivan Moseev is leader of the Pomor movement in the White Sea area and director of the Institute of Indigenous Peoples and Minorities at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk. In the first papers from FSB, Moseev was also accused of high treason in favor of Norway in accordance to paragraph 275 in the Criminal Code. This accusation is however not brought to court and Moseev’s cooperation with northern Norway has not at all been an issue in the ongoing trail.

Last week, the defense called on 12 witnesses making statements in support of Ivan Moseev. They all spoke of the absurdity of the extremism charges being brought against Ivan Moseev by FSB. 

On Wednesday the judge rejected Ivan Moseev’s cliam to attract Human Rights organizations as public defenders.

A date for a verdict is not yet announced.