Landslide cuts Norway in two

The landslide destroyed several piers in Sørkjosen.

A landslide in Nordreisa has isolated Finnmark and the northeastern parts of Troms from the rest of the country.


Sørkjosen in Nordreisa municipaility in Troms was hit by several large landslides on the night to Sunday. The slides cover a kilometer long part of E6, the only road that connects the two northernmost regions of Norway.

To get from Troms to Finnmark, you now have to take E8 through Finland.  The bus from Tromsø to Sørkjosen normally takes about four hours, but the trip will now take almost eleven hours through Finland with an extra distance of almost 600 kilometers, NRK writes.

The Public Roads Administration has inspected the site, and believes that the road can be opened again on Wednesday.