Norway’s largest ever live firing exercise

Norway’s largest live firing exercise takes place today and tomorrow during the Cold Response exercise in Northern Norway.


More than 4000 soldiers will take part in the live firing, together with fighter aircraft and tanks.

For the first time in history all units from the Norwegian Army’s only brigade, Brigade Nord, will be involved in a live firing exercise simultaneously. The exercise starts today in mid-Troms above the Arctic Circle, and will continue tomorrow, Nordlys writes.

In addition to the brigade’s 4000 soldiers, also foreign units will take part in the live firing. More than 16 000 soldiers from 15 countries are involved in Cold Response, making it the largest military exercise in Norway in ten years.

Leopard-2 tanks, infantry combat vehicles CV-90, artillery and mortars are some of the weapons that will be used in the firing exercise.

The forces taking part in Cold Response 2012 come from all defense branches, including some Special Forces. The largest participation comes from Canada, France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden and the United States.