Yury Dolgoruky stays in the Arctic

Russia’s newest fourth generation submarine Yury Dolgoruky will probably enter service in the Northern Fleet, and not the Pacific Fleet, as earlier informed.


Yury Dolgoruky”, which is currently undergoing final trials in the White Sea, will be put in service in the Northern Fleet in 2012, Rear Admiral Igor Mukhametshin says to ITAR-TASS.

Originally the sub was planned to be delivered to the Pacific Fleet. After the second successful launch of the “Bulava” missile in September 2011, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the sub was going to be delivered to the Pacific Fleet already by the end of the year. The date has later been changed to June 2012.

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The reason for putting the submarine in service in the north instead of in the east might be a result of the fire in Northern Fleet’s nuclear submarine “Yekaterinburg” in December. The submarine was seriously damaged in the fire, and to repair it will take some 3-4 years and cost around €24.5 million.

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