Finnish Grand Prix winner

Prize winners from Northern Character. Best short report, Natalja Solovyeva (left) from TV21 Russia, winner of Grand Prix prize, Maija Kaipanen from YLE Finland, Best TV-program and best documentary Per Kristian Olsen from NRK, Norway and best Animated film Jacob Petersson from Arevarnfilm Sweden. Photo: Aleksei Plesjkov

Finnish director Maija Kaipainen from YLE won the Grand Prix prize under Northern Character film festival 2012, while Norwegian director Per Kristian Olsen won the documentary prize.


The Northern Character TV and Film festival has established itself as the most important arena for documentary and film productions in the Barents Region.  In total there were 100 contributions to the festival program, with participants from all four Barents Countries. The festival is organized by TV21 in Murmansk, with several contributing partners from the Barents countries. 

The main prize which is named the Grand Prix was this year awarded the Finnish documentary “Fathers War – Pyotr Mikheyev” which is made by Maija Kaipanen and YLE.  

The singel category with most contributions was as always the one for documentaries with 39 contributions. The winner of this category was Per Kristian Olsen from Norwegian Broadcasting and the documentary “The Turning point”. It focuses on the Sami people and their struggle for their rights during the protest against the construction of the Alta dam in the early 1980ties.  

The Festival Grand Prix
Finnish Broadcasting Company, Helsinki, Finland
«Fathers War - Pyotr Mikheyev»
Director, Scriptwriter - Maija Kaipainen
Camera - Atte Kaartinen
Sound - Pekka Pylkkö
Host - Jukka Pitkänen

In the category “Documentary”
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)
«The Turning Point»
Scriptwriter - Per Kristian Olsen
Director - Per Kristian Olsen and Kåre Johannes Inderberg
Cameraman - Einar Andreassen
Sound producer - Arne Schei

In the category “Television Program”
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), Norway
Script - Per Kristian Olsen
Directors - Per Kristian Olsen, Esben Holm
Cameraman - Harald Albrigtsen
Sound - Nils Petter Christensen
Narrator - Nils Nordberg

In the category «Program about Culture»
State TV Company Kray Ryazanskiy, Russia, Ryazan
«Alaska: Notes from Another World»
Scriptwriter - Natalia Gintare (Makagonova)
Cameraman - Mikhail Malakhov 
Director - Olga Pogudina
Sound producers - Danil Khudov, Gennadiy Filin

In the category “Youth Program”
NRK Sapmi, Karasjok, Norway
«Reindeer Princess»
Scriptwriter - Mai-Lis Eira
Directors - Jan Tore Trysnes, Mai-Lis Eira, Norleif Krokmo
Cameraman - Jan Tore Trysnes, Jan Kenneth Bråten
Sound producer - Jan Tore Trysnes

In the category “Short Report”
Broadcasting company «TV-21» («North-West Broadcasting» LLC), Russia, Murmansk
«Kolskaya»: Life After Life»
Idea and reporter – Natalya Solovyeva
Cameramen – Konstantin Kabanets, Alexander Sanitskiy
Editor – Veronika Fomicheva

In the category “Short Fiction Film”
Juriy Grubnik, Murmansk, Russia,
On the Shore of the Universe
Scriptwriter, director - Juriy Grubnik
Sound producer, сomposer – Dmitriy Borodastov

Diploma for Best Cinematography
OU Vesilind, Tallin, Estonia
Scriptwriter, Director - Vasili Sarana
Cameramen - Vasili Sarana, Arvo Vilu
Sound producer - Seppo Vanhatalo
Narrator - Scot Diel

Diploma for Best Director
Knutte Wester Produktion/ Pomorfilm, Sweden
«Gzim rewind», 58 min
Scriptwriter, Director Cameraman, Sound producer - Knutte Wester

Diploma for Best Animated Film
Arevarnfilm, Sweden
«The girl and the Siren»
Scriptwriter, director, cameramen - Jacob Petersson, Cristoffer Ålund
Sound producer - Patrik Öberg
Narrator - Carl Englen

Special Diploma for the idea and the courage to challenge a taboo by showing real mature love in a drama
Cinemacho, Sweden
«Forever young»
Scriptwriter - Aino Trosell
Director - Annika Appelin
Cameramenаn - Charlotte Bruus Christensen
Sound producer - Stefan Mork

Special Diploma for Creativity
Nordland College of Art and Film, Norway
«Half of this, half of that»
Scriptwriter, Director Cameraman, Sound producer -Marja Bål Nango 

Chairman - Dmitry Talankin (Russia)
Jury Members:
- Bernt Viklund (Sweden)
- Sari Pöyhönen (Finland)
- Reijo Nikkila (Finland)
- Gunilla Bresky (Sweden)
- Bondarev Sergey (Russia)
- Mikhail Ananyev (Russia)
- Soldatova Svetlana (Russia)
- Snorre Tønset (Norway)
 - Nikolay Bakshevnikov (Russia)
- Marina Goncharenko (Russia)