Art from the icing generation

Máret Ánne Sara: Mother Earth 1. Made by a globe and snowmobile springs.

Four Norwegian artists are opening an art exhibition in Murmansk to show how the icing generation – the one that comes after the desert generation – sees the task of taking care of our planet.


“We are representatives for today’s young adults, which is called the icing generation,” the artist group FUFF writes in a presentation of the exhibition. “The icing generation is characterized by making high demands to society, to comfort and self-realization. We are also described as lazy, self-focused and responsibility-disclaiming.”

But at the same time this generation wants clean nature, clean air and clean water. Is this generation capable of managing the planet as they take up leading positions in society?  

“We want to explore hope and doubt about humanity’s capability to take care of the earth in a sustainable way, now and in the future,” the artists explain.

The Norwegian artist group FUFF consists of four women - Inger Emilie Solheim, Máret Ánne Sara, Ingerid Jordal and Yvonne Normanseth – who either come from North Norway, or are connected to the region in other ways.

The exhibition focuses on the Arctic and ecology, and stretches from idealism through irony to apathy. The artists say they aim to return romance and sensuality to the environmental movement.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday at the Murmansk Regional Art Museum and will run until May 24. The event is part of the cultural cooperation between Murmansk Oblast and Finnmark County.