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Anna Kireeva

Content by Anna Kireeva

Rosatom must decide what to do with the eldest reactors of the Kola nuclear power plant.

High electricity prices make Russia switch from energy exporter to importer.

Solar panels and wind turbines will replace dismantled radioactive batteries in lighthouses along the Northern Sea Route.

A promising young Russian scientist will help seafood business development in Bugøynes on the coast of the Barents Sea near Norway’s border to Russia.

State of the Russian shelf exploration is 10 times lower than the American, and 20 times lower the Norwegian.

It is decided at the Transport Ministry session, devoted to the Russian transport strategy.

Ludmila Alekseeva and several Russian human rights NGOs are nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2013 in spite of the “foreign agent” stamp threat.

The prestigious Andrey Sakharov prize, given by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee to the famous Russian election watchdog GOLOS triggers registration as a “foreign agent”.

The 30 years old twin-reactor powered icebreaker is to be out of operation by the end of this year.

Leader of Murmansk opposition Gennady Stepakhno rejected an offer to head agriculture sector as a Deputy Governor.