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Following repressive action from owners, and consequent fear of dismissal among editorial team members, BarentsObserver has introduced a byline moratorium. 

The ambition of the BarentsObserver remains as follows:

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In their third major drill this year, Russia’s specialized Arctic soldiers fight terrorists in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

”They tell me that you have very good bays with deep waters”, the President said to Marina Kovtun.

During his three years in the Federation Council, Konstantin Dobrynin became a vocal critic of current political trends in Russia. Opponents will sigh of relief as he now exits the legislative assembly.

A planned modernization of Gazprom´s Prirazlomnya platform will increase production capacity from 22,000 tons to 100,000 tons per day.

Norway and Russia have agreed to protect the diminishing capelin stocks in the Barents Sea and set next year´s quota to zero.

The Barents Region has some of the last large areas of intact natural woodlands in Europe. Scientists, bureaucrats and environmentalists from all four Barents countries cooperate on preserving the forest, but an international initiative is needed.

The number of people crossing the Norwegian-Russian border continues to drop.

Russia’s far northern Nenets Autonomous Okrug boosts debts to cope with a quickly growing deficit.

The situation around the Norwegian tanker that was reported to be adrift in the Barents Sea yesterday, is under control, ship-owner Marine Supply says.

A Norwegian tanker with nine people on board is drifting in the Barents Sea. A Russian tug has left Murmansk to assist the vessel, a Russian news website reports.