The 29th Midnight Sun Film Festival held in Sodankylä, Lapland, wrapped up Sunday. 25,000 visitors flocked to see films in the northern cult festival.

KAUTOKEINO: Even though the Kildin Sámi language is at risk of dying out, the culture and traditions can be saved through music.

Finland is establishing a fund for the support of Russian culture in the country.

Margaritinskaya Fair in Arkhangelsk becomes a brisk meeting place for the partners in the Barents cooperation.

Amid mounting criticism of the Church’s close relations with the state, Patriarch Kirill brings key parts of the Church leadership, as well as several prominent state officials, to Solovki, the archipelago in the White Sea.

Eleven participants from the bike-club ‘Cruise’ from Kotlas and Arkhangelsk – the capital of the Pomor land, set off to a bike trip along the roads of Finland and Sweden. The trip is devoted to the beginning of the summer Olympic Games.

An open air dance party on the main square Stortorget wrapped up this year’s international week in Tromsø. The project ”Dance for love” was an event held against prejudice, racism and discrimination, though for love: for love between people, nations and countries.

Murmansk-based doll maker Tatyana Gombash gives life to her fantasies through her art.

May 17th parades in both Murmansk and Arkhangelsk were attended by both locals and Norwegians. See BarentsObserver’s photogallery.

Eight short films from Northern Norway are touring North-West Russia.

Canadian Inuit and Sami youth meet in Karasjok, Norway to celebrate their similarities and exchange cultures.

This week Kirkenes and the Norwegian Union of Education mark the 70 years anniversary of the internal exile of 1100 teachers who refused to teach Vidkun Quisling’s Nazi curriculum during the Second World War.

If you see a lot of 50-øre coins on sidewalks, that’s because as of May 1, they are no longer in circulation in Norway.

This year’s festival is the most extensive so far, with a program that presents modern cultural life in the Nordic countries through exhibitions, concerts, film, lectures and discussions. The festival lasts for eight days, starting April 18.

KIROVSK: Director Renny Harlin chooses Kirovsk and the surronding Khibiny mountains as location for his latest film with the working title ”The Dyatlov Pass Incident”.