The 29th Midnight Sun Film Festival held in Sodankylä, Lapland, wrapped up Sunday. 25,000 visitors flocked to see films in the northern cult festival.

KAUTOKEINO: Even though the Kildin Sámi language is at risk of dying out, the culture and traditions can be saved through music.

A remote Norwegian island is nearly ready to start producing the first-ever batch of Arctic whiskey, an expression, they are sure will be a hit on the market.

When Bjørne Kvernmo docked his ship, “Havsel,” at the port in Tromsø this month, he knew it would be the end of a tradition he’s kept up for 40 years. With his return, northern Norway’s long-standing seal hunt had finally come to a close. 

Oleg Birlinskiy knows he took a risk.  

Photo: Destination Tromsø

The Norwegian Government gives a NOK 70 million guarantee for the planned Chess Olympiad 2014 in the northern Norwegian city of Tromsø.

This year’s festival is the most extensive so far, with a program that presents modern cultural life in the Nordic countries through exhibitions, concerts, film, lectures and discussions. The festival lasts for eight days, starting April 18.

Staff and locals at the iconic outdoor museum of wooden architecture fear newly appointed director, ex-governor of Karelia Andrey Nelidov, will develop Kizhi into a tourist machine destroying the World Heritage site.

These two sparring partners proved that not only boys could be wrestling champions.

The most appropriate place to meet indigenous peoples from all over the world is at the festival Riddu Riđđu in Northern Norway.

After a year´s break festival Barents Spektakel is back in Kirkenes. “Arctic Take Away” is the slogan for this year´s popular art and cultural festival.

The Khibiny mountains (

Regional authorities in Murmansk have approved plans for a major extention of the skiing resorts in Kirovsk, in the central part of the Kola Peninsula.

If you see a lot of 50-øre coins on sidewalks, that’s because as of May 1, they are no longer in circulation in Norway.

Russian church demands special status for two of the main tourist attractions in Barents Russia, Solovki and Valaam archipelagos.

LUJÁVRI: Sámi ensemble travelled for hours on snowmobiles in order to sing and dance with reindeer herders on the Kola Peninsula.