Russian Navy to perform Arctic campaigns

The Northern Fleet's flag vessel "Pyotr Veliky" will soon sail to the eastern parts of the Arctic Ocean. (Photo from the Northern Fleet's Facebook page)

Two vessel groups from Russia’s Northern Fleet will be sailing Arctic waters during the busiest season for commercial shipping along the Northern Sea Route.


Russia’s Northern Fleet will continue to explore new navigation areas in the Arctic, Commander Vladimir Korolev told reporters on Friday. “Quite soon, we plan to send a detachment of the fleet’s combat ships led by the nuclear-powered missile cruiser “Pyotr Velily” to eastern regions of the Arctic Ocean”, the Russian Ministry of Defense’s web site reads.

Another vessel group will sail to the archipelago Franz Josef Land, an event that will mark the 100th anniversary of the expedition to the North Pole of the Russian Arctic explorer Georgy Sedov.

Also in 2012 the Russian Navy trained in the High North. After a large-scale naval exercise which included more than 7000 people and some 20 vessels, Personnel from the Northern Fleet conducted Russia’s first ever amphibious landing on the Arctic archipelago of the New Siberian Islands.