Arctic maiden cruise for new frigate

New frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" is moving into Arctic waters.

Russia’s brand new frigate, the ”Admiral Gorshkov”,  is heading northwards to engage in test shooting in the White Sea.


The ship this week leaves the Baltic Sea port of Baltiisk and sets course towards the White Sea, where its is to conduct test operations, the Russian Navy press service informs.

The 4500 ton heavy ”Admiral Gorshkov” (project 22350) is built at the Northern Yard in St. Petersburg. It is the biggest Naval vessel built in Russia in almost two decades. It is expected to be officially handed over to the Northern Fleet later this year.

As previously reported, the frigate has already undergone training in the Baltic Sea.

Russia plans the construct up to 12 vessels of the kind in the course of the next decade. So far, four vessels are in the making, all of them at the Northern Fleet in St. Petersburg. Reportedly, all of Russia’s four fleets will get the new ships in their ranks.

While ”Admiral Gorshkov” will be included in the Northern Fleet, the subsequent ”Admiral Kasatonov”, “Admiral Golovko” and ”Admiral Isakov” might end up in Sevastopol and Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

The vessels of the project 22350 are the first in Russia to apply socalled stealth technology