POMOR-2012 starts in one month

The annual Exercise POMOR is the most extensive joint action involving Norwegian and Russian forces. Photo:Georg Austad/FOH

Norwegian and Russian navy officers have met in Murmansk to discuss preparations for the annual joint exercise POMOR-2012.


Captain 1st rank Vladimir Vorobyov, Chief of training in Russia’s Northern Fleet and Captain 1st rank Lars Saunes, Chief of naval operations at Norwegian Joint Headquarters, yesterday signed an agreement on the exercise aboard the destroyer “Admiral Levchenko”, GTRK Murman reports.

This year’s exercise will take place on four locations – one in Russia and three in Norwegian waters. The drills will focus on anti-terror and anti-piracy operations, interception of fast-speed boats illegally crossing the state borders, search and rescue operations. The exercise will also include joint maneuvering, live artillery firing, anti-aircraft defense and detection of submarines.

Norwegian coastal rangers and Russian naval infantry are also planned to take part in POMOR-2012.

The operational part of the exercise will take place in the period May 11-16, with Norwegian crew members taking part in the Victory Day celebrations in Severomorsk ahead of the exercise, and Russians taking part in the May 17th celebrations of the Norwegian Constitution Day in Bodø afterwards.

Russia will participate in the drills with the destroyer “Admiral Chabanenko”, one rescue tug boat, Il-38 planes and Su-33 fighter planes. The Norwegian side brings the frigate “Fridtjof Nansen” and one coast guard vessel, as well as F-16 jet fighters and Orion surveillance planes.