Murmansk was seen as an up-and-coming market for banks in Norway. Now they all flee the region with multi-million losses.

Finnish police car

Burglars on the run get harder times in the Swedish – Finnish borderland as police forces will be allowed to cross the state border.

Samantha Smith

TROMSØ: Norway’s decision to offer more Barents Sea drillings would be incommensurate with efforts to limit global warming to 2ºC, says Samantha Smith of the WWF.

The snow crab has the potential of becoming the next big food resource from the Barents Sea. But does the snow crab also contain bioactive components that can be used in medicine and health food? The scientists have just started to search for an answer to that question.



A public hearing on the development of one of the most perspective oil and gas areas in the Barents Sea takes place in Pechenga, the Russian municipality bordering on Norway and Finland.

TROMSØ: “In the Arctic there are no problems that cannot be solved on the basis of mutual understanding and constructive dialogue,” says Arctic explorer Artur Chilingarov.

Oil companies will get licenses at unprecedented latitudes and along the border to Russia.

TROMSØ: The Scandinavian Arctic can rise to become the most innovative, industrious and environmentally friendly growth region in Europe, a new report made by experts from Norway, Finland and Sweden reads.

The Kharyaga oil project should be taken over by a Russian company, the country’s Ministry of Energy argues.

Erna Solberg Alexander stubb and Kristian Persson

TROMSØ: Erna Solberg, Alexander Stubb and Kristina Persson outlined strategies for growth and cooperation in the north. No attention was given to the man sitting directly in front of the on the first row; Putin’s former special envoy for the Arctic Artur Chilingarov.

The United States is seeking a closer partnership with Finland through the Arctic Council, which brings together countries on or near the Arctic.

Børge Brende

TROMSØ: Dialog on consequences of a warming Arctic is affected by a colder political climate between Russia and the West. Foreign Minister Børge Brende says Norway wants Russia to remain a part of the Arctic cooperation, but admits there is a very special situation.

Norway should not drop its plans to drill along the border to Russia, Rune Rafaelsen says.

TROMSØ: Asian states have four common interests in the Arctic – global governance, climate change, resources and Arctic shipping, says Ian Storey, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.

Arctic Frontiers 2015 - Armchair discussion

TROMSØ: To drill or not to drill, that’s the Arctic Frontiers question of the year. Investor Jens-Ulltveit-Moe warns Troms and Finnmark against state investments in White Elephants.

The Novoportovskoye field will bring up to 8,5 million tons of additional crude into Arctic shipping.

Russia in 2014 concluded state orders amounting to 41.5 billion rubles for development of the Murmansk transport hub. This was the fifth largest state order last year.

Take a look at how Russian Christmas is celebrated at Malye Korely open-air museum, what is looks like to cross the frozen Dvina river by foot in -27°C, and how beautiful the old northern town of Arkhangelsk can be in mid-winter.

St Petersburg

After 20 years of supporting people-to-people contacts with Northwest-Russia, Nordic Council of Ministers’ St. Petersburg office got a surprise letter from the procurators office.

These revealing photos, taken at an unknown location in the Arctic, show how crewmembers of a Russian nuclear powered submarine are attracting attention from a polar bear by throwing out food. “Feeding them human trash is downright disgusting,” says Arctic Advisor Nils Harley Boisen with WWF-Norway.

Gazprom Neft gets a 83,000 square kilometer oil license area in the northern part of the Barents Sea.

While Norwegian and Swedish Barents regions registered the lowest HIV-rate in ten years, Barents Russia registered its highest ever.

While taking photos during a Mercedes SUV test run on the shores of the White Sea, Russia’s top-secret Losharik special purpose submarine suddenly appeared on the water.

Russia’s only offshore oil-producing field in the Arctic, the Prirazlomnoye, reaches the 300,000 ton production limit.

Russia is stepping up its military activity in the Arctic region. As part of this effort, Russian Armed Forces reopened an abandoned military base on the Kola Peninsula in the Russia city of Alakurtti recently, just 60 kilometres from the Finnish border.