New data released today confirms what many in the fishing industry suspected: Nigeria is the world’s top buyer of Lofoten’s stockfish this year, eclipsing the once dominant Italian market by 20 per cent.

The ruble crash is highly favourable for foreigners visiting Murmansk. A room at Park Inn can be booked for as low as €48.

Russia’s defense sector gets guarantees that expenses are confirmed despite economic meltdown. On Friday, yet another brand new strategic missile submarine joined the Northern fleet.

The Norwegian Air Force on Thursday sent out two F-16 fighter jets from NATO’s Quick Reaction Alert in Bodø to identify yet another Russian aircraft.



“It is more important for us to sell quality and unique experiences than cheap products for mass tourism,” says Kåre Tannvik, adventure developer with Kirkenes Snowhotel. Weak ruble and krone will not alone boost tourism to Russia and Norway.

Relics of Russian Orthodox saints will from now on be on board Northern Fleet vessels on missions.

Arctic warming is setting off changes that affect people and the environment in this fragile region, and has broader effects beyond the Arctic on global security, trade, and climate, a new report reads.

Russia will file a claim with the UN by the end of March 2015 to expand the boundaries of its continental shelf in the Arctic. Conflicting territorial claims with Denmark will be solved via bilateral talks, the Russian Government says.

Barents entrepreneurship expert Heidi Andreassen believes trade and investments across the borders in the north are in jeopardy as Russia’s ruble is tumbling again in what seems like a market in panic.

Like the Russian ruble, the Norwegian krone is diving with falling oil-prices. Down more than 4 percent on Tuesday to parity with the Swedish krone.

The number of visas issued by the Finnish Consulate General in St.Petersburg has dropped to the same level as in 2011. Only in the first half of December the demand for visas fell 40 percent.

After four years of increased use of the Northern Sea Route by vessels going in transit between Europe and Asia, 2014 saw a steep downturn. The amount of cargo transported in transit dropped 77 percent compared to last year.

Russia’s central bank announces Tuesday a 6,5 percent rise in interest rates to 17 percent in a move to defend a ruble that Monday lost nearly 10 percent per dollar to 64,4.

This screenshot of flightradar24 taken Sunday morning shows how airplanes from Great Britain are queuing up for landing at Rovaniemi, Ivalo and Kittilä airports. 80 aircrafts brought in 15,000 passengers this weekend.

Denmark will on Monday afternoon become the first country to claim ownership of the North Pole. Scientific data shows Greenland’s continental shelf is connected to a ridge beneath the Arctic Ocean, says Denmark’s Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard.

A string of regulatory alcohol laws might be about to change the relationship between Russians and booze.

The Government has decided to continue the suspension of all bilateral military activities until the end of 2015.

United Russia’s Mikhail Ilinykh is elected as Speaker of Murmansk Regional Duma.

An app for smartphone providing keyboard for six different Sami languages is released today.

Norway’s Intelligence Service will soon get a new “Marjata” vessel to operate in the Barents Sea. The vessel will be the world’s most advanced of its kind and will secure Norway’s need for information in the High North the next 30 years.

The state-owned oil company in 2015 intends to conduct seismic mapping of seven fields in the Pechora Sea.

Northern lights and midnight sun give North Norway two main seasons for tourism. By the end of the year, the region will have had nearly 3.3 million overnight stays.

Members of a Swedish civic organisation collected and delivered more than 20,000 signatures from individuals protesting the proposed construction of a nuclear power plant in northwest Finland by the power consortium Fennovoima.

No more more Russian ships will be built abroad, Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin says, adding that a wave of new orders now will be placed in Russian yards.

Ship supply services are not included in the sanction regime against Russia, Norwegian authorities conclude.