Russia is conducting an air force exercise involving more than 25 fighter jets and fighter bombers of different types in the Barents Sea area.

Security service agents from Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Nenets conduct a major joint exercise at one of the country’s main Arctic oil installations.

The Russian navy’s “Pyotr Veliky” needs extensive modernization, according to Moscow-based expert.

Military forces in the Arctic will be strengthened with a naval fighter regiment and an anti-aircraft regiment by the end of 2015, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu says.

Regular military relations between Norway and Russia have been halted for more than a year, but the two countries’ Coast Guard Services continue cooperate on protection of borders and resources in the Barents Sea. 

The Russian Northern Fleet launches major war games on the banks of the Yenisey river.

The most powerful weapon in history of humanity, the 58 megaton “Tsar-bomba” detonated over Novaya Zemlya in 1961, will be on display when Rosatom celebrates 70 years of nuclear industry.

Will be built east of the secret town of Olenogorsk-1 on the Kola Peninsula and outside Pechora in the Komi republic.

A vessel group from Russia’s Northern Fleet on Sunday left its home base of Severomorsk for an expedition along the Northern Sea Route. For the first time, soldiers from the Arctic Brigade in Alakurtti are taking part in the operation.

The nuclear-powered submarine “Podmoskovye” has been launched after undergoing modernization. The vessel will be used as carrier for deep-diving special-purpose submarines.

Divers from the Northern Fleet are salvaging weapons and equipment from the American ship “Thomas Donaldson”, which sank after a German submarine attack outside Murmansk in 1945.

Norwegian military personnel during the summer has improved infrastructure on the remote Arctic island of Jan Mayen, where the Norwegian Armed Forces operate a LORAN-C network transmitter.

The diesel-electric submarine “Novorossiysk” completed a series of tests in Arctic conditions by firing a cruise missile from the Barents Sea. The submarine will soon leave for the Black Sea.

Three of Russia’s newest strategic nuclear submarines will start combat training in Arctic waters this year.

The Russian Besovets airport near Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, is made capable of handling all kind of military and transport aircrafts.