Russia is conducting an air force exercise involving more than 25 fighter jets and fighter bombers of different types in the Barents Sea area.

Security service agents from Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Nenets conduct a major joint exercise at one of the country’s main Arctic oil installations.

The country’s Arctic Brigade is mobilized as NATO countries together with Sweden and Finland start the Arctic Challenge rehearsal.

Nearly a hundred fighter jets participates as the joint exercise Arctic Challenge 2015 starts Monday in the skies over northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.

A new study from Gothenburg University’s SOM Institute shows that more and more Swedes want Sweden to join NATO.

Russia is planning to develop a special tracked version of its Pantsir anti-aircraft gun and missile system for use in the Arctic.

Suspended military contact does not hinder Norway to cash out millions of kroner for safer navigation inside the Northern Fleet’s waters. Seamarks, beacons and buoys will be owned by the navy, according to Per-Einar Fiskebeck and Jarl Tuv with the Norwegian project partner.

Russia’s new battle tank is designed for operations in extremely low temperatures. It could be based in the Kola Peninsula, near the borders to Norway and Finland.

Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu plans to visit Russia’s newly established Arctic brigade in Alakurtti near the border to Finland.

The yard has been acquired by Rosneft, but the shipbuilders in Roslyakovo will still continue to serve the Northern Fleet.

Russia’s new anti-aircraft weapon system will be rolled around in downtown Murmansk during this year’s 9th May parade.

Norway must ramp up its military capacities in order to meet challenges from neighboring Russia, a new government-commissioned report recommends.

Borey-class submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” will be included in Russia’s Pacific Fleet one year after schedule.

Norwegian and American inspectors embark on a joint inspection flight over Russian territory as part of the Open Skies Treaty.

Russia plans to build four icebreakers for naval forces in the Arctic and Far East. Construction of the first vessel, “Ilya Muromets”, started in Saint Petersburg on Thursday.