Atle Staalesen


Atle Staalesen is BarentsObserver staff writer and Adviser in the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. He has a degree in Russian from the University of Oslo and has studied journalism at the Moscow State University. He has worked with BarentsObserver since its establishment in 2002.

Atle Staalesen is editor of the Barents Review and also responsible for the Barents Secretariat’s Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) activities in Slovakia and Bulgaria, a part of the Norway Grants financial mechanism.

Content by Atle Staalesen

There are bidders for the Pajala mine in northern Sweden, the project sales manager says.

Gazprom wants to develop major gas fields in the Ob Bay. But many locals are against the plans.

All basic ingredients for a good Russian soup are under a serious price-attack.

Murmansk was seen as an up-and-coming market for banks in Norway. Now they all flee the region with multi-million losses.

A public hearing on the development of one of the most perspective oil and gas areas in the Barents Sea takes place in Pechenga, the Russian municipality bordering on Norway and Finland.

Oil companies will get licenses at unprecedented latitudes and along the border to Russia.

The Kharyaga oil project should be taken over by a Russian company, the country’s Ministry of Energy argues.

The Novoportovskoye field will bring up to 8,5 million tons of additional crude into Arctic shipping.

Norway should not drop its plans to drill along the border to Russia, Rune Rafaelsen says.

Gazprom Neft gets a 83,000 square kilometer oil license area in the northern part of the Barents Sea.