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Governor Marina Kovtun is putting up a fight with the federal government over plans to move 30 billion roubles of planned investments in the Murmansk Transport Hub to new projects in the Crimea.

The Kremlin intends to establish a new state body responsible for national Arctic governance.

The president warns against hostile action and terrorism in the Arctic and says regional oil installations must be protected. At the same time, he signs a law, empowering oil companies to establish their own armed forces.

The state oil company is considering to develop the Murmanskoye, a gas field located in waters near the Kola Peninsula.

More than 900 reindeer die of hunger on the Russian Arctic island of Kolguyev following a critical lack of available local pasturelands. The reindeer stocks in the area are too badly managed, regional authorities admit.

The state nuclear power company Rosatom is about to reach a deal with United Shipbuidling Corporation on the construction of two powerful icebreakers.

Having opened up for discussions on the Crimean crisis, newspaper editor Yevgeny Belyanchikov is confronted with extremism accusations from the regional prosecutors.

A monument devoted to the “creators of the Russian nuclear shield” is to be erected at Belushya Guba, the main settlement at the Novaya Zemlya.

The Norwegian Arctic town of Kirkenes is supplying aggregates to Russia’s grand port project in Yamal.

Gazprom Neft plans to get the first shipload of oil from its controversial Arctic project in late April.