Atle Staalesen

Atle Staalesen is BarentsObserver staff writer and Adviser in the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. He has a degree in Russian from the University of Oslo and has studied journalism at the Moscow State University. He has worked with BarentsObserver since its establishment in 2002.

Atle Staalesen is editor of the Barents Review and also responsible for the Barents Secretariat’s Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) activities in Slovakia and Bulgaria, a part of the Norway Grants financial mechanism.


Content by Atle Staalesen

Wistleblower Edward Snowden is winner of this year’s recognized Bjørnson Award, but Norwegian authorities are unlikely to guarantee his safe travel to the award ceremony. The former CIA employee should instead be handed over the award in Pechenga, the Russian borderlands to Norway, a Norwegian university lecturer suggests.

A new law might force shipping companies to sail in the Arctic only under Russian flag.

Another well will be completed by the end of June, Gazprom Neft Director for offshore projects Andrey Patrushev says.

The two companies might carry out their first joint drillhole in 2016.

For ten weeks the nuclear powered icebreaker “Yamal” brought a major team of researchers practically all along Russia’s Arctic coast.

The Murmansk Economic Zone was presented as a miracle cure for regional development and as key facility for the Shtokman project. Today, five years on, regional authorities put their faith in the fish industry.

The Polish energy company PGNiG aims for Norwegian Arctic licenses in areas near the maritime border to Russia.

A court in Murmansk convicts activist Irina Paykacheva for her participation in an unsanctioned public commemoration of late Boris Nemtsov.

The company gets a 3-year time extension in seven Arctic offshore licenses.

A Ukrainian maritime engine manufacturer has broken its cooperation with the Russian state shipbuilding corporation. That has consequences for Russia’s Northern Fleet