Atle Staalesen


Atle Staalesen is BarentsObserver staff writer and Adviser in the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. He has a degree in Russian from the University of Oslo and has studied journalism at the Moscow State University. He has worked with BarentsObserver since its establishment in 2002.

Atle Staalesen is editor of the Barents Review and also responsible for the Barents Secretariat’s Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) activities in Slovakia and Bulgaria, a part of the Norway Grants financial mechanism.

Content by Atle Staalesen

The North Atlantic Drilling Ltd believes there are “significant risks” related to its $4.1 billion Arctic contracts with Rosneft.

Local waters are full of the delicacy. But none of it reaches the local population.

Russian regions feel the pain as the country’s economy spirals into depression. In Murmansk Oblast, the governor cuts her budget with 25 percent.

The state-owned company requests permission for 2-year extended license terms in 12 offshore Arctic projects.

Despite plummeting raw material prices, the Russian steelmaker gets its best financial result in six years.

A railway line from northern Finland to the Norwegian Arctic coast will open a new base for industrial development in the Nordic countries, a group of regional industrialsts says.

Despite the sanctions, U.S oil companies Shlumberger and Baker Hughes still bid for new contracts in Russian Arctic waters.

Production is down and prices drop 40 percent in half a year. But Norilsk Nickel still keeps the margins.

Profits plummet by more than 90 percent and the Swedish mining giant is forced to take a series of crisis measures.

Another eight sinkholes have been discovered near the giant Bovanenkovo gas field in the Yamal Peninsula.