The MIKON flagship program in the Fram Centre is using both social and environmental sciences to examine how High North industrial development will affect the natural world, regional societies like the Sami and economic activity.

On the backdrop of political chill, trade between Finland and Russia is falling sharply. Also tourism between the countries is in a downswing.

There are bidders for the Pajala mine in northern Sweden, the project sales manager says.

2015 will be a tuff year for air companies flying in Barents Russia, including Transaero, UTair and Nordavia.

Nickel price has fallen more than 40 percent since May, but mega-polluter Norilsk-Nickel expects 2015 revenues to be $10 billion.

Bankrupt mining firm Talvivaara Sotkamo might need another bailout from the government.

Murmansk was seen as an up-and-coming market for banks in Norway. Now they all flee the region with multi-million losses.

Russia in 2014 concluded state orders amounting to 41.5 billion rubles for development of the Murmansk transport hub. This was the fifth largest state order last year.

NextJet’s flight 2N41 landed Monday morning in Tromsø for the first time with the only existing regular cross-border flights across the skies of the Barents Region.

Despite the collapse of the Russian market, exports of Norwegian seafood set new records in 2014. The total value of exports reached NOK 68.8 billion, up NOK 7.3 billion from 2013.

For several years now, the Northern Sea Route (NSR), the shipping lane hugging the north coast of Russia, has been touted as a shortcut between Europe and Asia.

Charter flights to airports in Rovaniemi, Kittilä and Kuusamo brought in more foreign travellers than had been predicted.

The ruble crash is highly favourable for foreigners visiting Murmansk. A room at Park Inn can be booked for as low as €48.

“It is more important for us to sell quality and unique experiences than cheap products for mass tourism,” says Kåre Tannvik, adventure developer with Kirkenes Snowhotel. Weak ruble and krone will not alone boost tourism to Russia and Norway.

Like the Russian ruble, the Norwegian krone is diving with falling oil-prices. Down more than 4 percent on Tuesday to parity with the Swedish krone.