The MIKON flagship program in the Fram Centre is using both social and environmental sciences to examine how High North industrial development will affect the natural world, regional societies like the Sami and economic activity.

On the backdrop of political chill, trade between Finland and Russia is falling sharply. Also tourism between the countries is in a downswing.

Longyearbyen Mayor Christin Kristoffersen fears that more than ten percent of the population in Longyearbyen could be forced to move from Svalbard as the Store Norske coal company cuts one third of its employees.

Business is bad for the world’s northernmost mining company. Low coal prices and high costs forces Store Norske to cut one third of its employees.

Norwegian aquaculture equipment supplier AKVA Group has concluded a NOK 63.2 million contract with Russian Sea Group on delivery of salmon farming gear.

Civic engagement is moving online as My City takes hold outside its native Russia. Tromsø is the most recent city to get the interactive map, using it to decide what the city will look like in 30 years.

Russia’s Supreme Court has dismissed Murmansk Fish Combinat’s claim over the ban on fish imports. The factory shut down production after the ban was imposed in August.

All workers and managers at struggling mining company Sydvaranger Gruve are willing to cut salaries to keep their workplace up and running.

Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division this past spring, and thousands of employees in Finland have been laid off. Oulu, a northern tech hub, was particularly hard hit, but new opportunities in new industries are springing up in the resilient northern community.

The board of the cash-strapped Talvivaara Sotkamo mining company has decided to file for bankruptcy.

October was a record month for export of Norwegian seafood, in spite of the Russian ban on import. Export values so far this year stand at €6.5 billion.

A Finnish company selling a device it says will treat Seasonal Affective Disorder is being accused of shady publishing practices, poor research design, and data manipulation – all in a push to get its product on the market.

A declining number of cattle brings economic challenges to the fore in the Barents Region. While Norway may be facing job loss in its second largest mainland business, Russia struggles to preserve post-sanctions food supply.

Norway’s most famous coastal cruise liner has agreed to a takeover offer from a British group of investors. The company now plans for expedition cruising to Russia’s White Sea region.

What was the Barents Region’s only east-west flight, from Arkhangelsk to Tromsø via Murmansk, lacks permission and is no longer flying. Nordavia, however, hopes to see the Pskovaia operated aircraft soon landing in Tromsø again.