The MIKON flagship program in the Fram Centre is using both social and environmental sciences to examine how High North industrial development will affect the natural world, regional societies like the Sami and economic activity.

On the backdrop of political chill, trade between Finland and Russia is falling sharply. Also tourism between the countries is in a downswing.

Norway’s most famous coastal cruise liner has agreed to a takeover offer from a British group of investors. The company now plans for expedition cruising to Russia’s White Sea region.

What was the Barents Region’s only east-west flight, from Arkhangelsk to Tromsø via Murmansk, lacks permission and is no longer flying. Nordavia, however, hopes to see the Pskovaia operated aircraft soon landing in Tromsø again.

Once touted as the saviour of Pajala, the loss of their iron ore mine has the town fearing for its existence.

Winds are changing for state support to investments in Russia’s Arctic capital. Government reduces funding to Siva and more than hints that Norway’s industrial park in Murmansk will be terminated.

The UN International Maritime Organization has drafted the environmental regulations chapter for the Polar Code, a binding set of regulations for shipping in the Arctic and Antarctic. Critics argue that some important environmental pieces are missing.

TROMSØ: With economic support from the regions, Arctic Airlink will be the first east-west route linking Norway, Sweden and Finland in the north.


KIRKENES: Warmer temperatures at the bottom of the Barents Sea are of big concern to ecologists in the High North. Certain marine species are disappearing from the ecosystem while others are increasing in number. The impact on Russia’s fisheries sector is crucial.

Russia set to snap up reptilian delicacy from the Philippines as a way to mitigate food strain from Western produce bans.

TROMSØ: Pskovavia’s permission to fly to Tromsø expires in two weeks. Passengers fears the route will be closed since no alternatives exist.

One of the smaller mining companies in Scandinavia, the Northern Iron, is struggling to make ends meet as raw material prices plummet. After several golden years, a string of regional mining companies is threatened by closure.

Russia’s largest seafood importer and aspiring aquaculture company Russian Sea Group has sold its first Atlantic salmon harvested from its own farms in the Barents Sea.

Skiing, snow-shoeing, Northern Lights, ice castles and other Arctic experiences will attract visitors to Finnish Lapland this season.

Iron-ore miner Northern resources in Pajala, northern Sweden says Tuesday morning that most of its employees have got a notice of termination.